Our planned breedings and available goats

Reservations are free. We ask for a NON refundable $50 deposit to hold a kid of your choice once born. 

Email for more information or to make arrangements to reserve a kid.


You can click on the pedigree links to see the official ADGA pedigree.

We use Valbezan dewormer @ 3 weeks, 6 weeks, & 9 weeks. Coccidia preventative at 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 9 weeks. Babies get their CD/T vaccinations @ 3 weeks & again at 6 weeks. 

Lots of pics posted to our FaceBook Farm page Pleasant Dreams Farm

Spicoli X Peaches Pedigree 
Twin B 4/5  SOLD
Spicoli X Yahtzee Pedigree
 Triplet boys born 4/2  SOLD
Spicoli X Gigi Pedigree 
US confirm preg due 4/10 
Doe $300 Wether $100 *1 doe ret.

Mars kids possible blue eyes, moonspots!

Mars X Taboo Pedigree
Triplet does born 3/31  2 Available
Doe $350  *1 doe ret. 
*Doe res K. Carr
Mars X Fergie Pedigree
US confirm preg due 4/22
Doe $350 Wether $100 *1 doe ret.
Bruno X Cali Pedigree
Triplet does born 4/4    1 AVAILABLE
Doe $300  *1 doe ret.
Bruno X Dani Pedigree
Buck and doe twins 4/5
Bruno X Bridget Pedigree 
Triplets 4/7 two boys 1 w/blue eyes AVAILABLE
Buck $300 Wether $100 
Bruno X Trixi Pedigree
US confirm preg due 4/
Doe $300 Wether $100 *1 doe ret.
Bruno X Heidi Pedigree bred 1/30
Doe $300 Wether $100 *1 doe ret.
Bruno X Lena Pedigree  
US confirm preg due 6/9
Doe $400 Buck $350 Wether $100 * 1 doe ret.

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