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Our planned breedings and available goats

Reservations are free. We ask for a NON refundable $50 deposit to hold a kid of your choice once born. 

Email for more information or to make arrangements to reserve a kid.

You can click on the pedigree links to see the official ADGA pedigree.

We use Valbezan dewormer @ 3 weeks, 6 weeks, & 9 weeks. Coccidia preventative at 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 9 weeks. Babies get their CD/T vaccinations @ 1 week when disbudded & again at 4 weeks. 

We had amazing success bottle feeding all babies in our 2021 crop, plan to repeat.

Wethers are $100-150 ea. Registered doelings start at $300 ea. We offer very few bucklings they start at $400 ea.

Lots of pics posted to our FaceBook Farm page Pleasant Dreams Farm

Adult Does Available! 

Pleasant Dreams EC U Go Girl $400 DOB 5/2019 Friendly once caught. Lovely doe. Pedigree 

Pleasant Dreams UF Penelope DOB 4/20 $300 Friendly once caught. In milk  Pedigree

Yearling Does available!
Chamoisee doeling with moonspots $500
DOB 3/28/22 MillyXBoba

2024 Bottle Babies available!
Chamoisee buckskin combo doe 5/14/24

2023 Bottle Babies available!


Camanna MG Hang Loose Leilani Twin Does 1/5/23 PEDIGREE

Camanna BTA Unsinkable Molly B Single Doe 1/7/23 PEDIGREE  

Camanna BTA LadyGlitterSparklz Triplets 1B 2D 1/11   PEDIGREE 

Up coming babies...
Our pairings for spring 2024 babies. Likely retaining a doe from most pairings. Click link for pedigree on pairings.

Buck 1: Sweeter Than Honey Matcha Tea (moonspots possible on all Boba pairings)
Sire: Old Mountain Farm Toga Parti

(Old Mountain Farm Tomo Quinn VVV89 X Old Mountain Farm Wild Parti VEEV 89)

Dam: Sweeter Than Honey Sweet Tea

(Old Mountain Farm Flashn Amoon X Sweeter Than Honey Chamomile)

Boba will be bred to the following does this year.....

Pleasant Dreams DM GloZell PEDIGREE

Pleasant Dreams MM GeorgiaMoon PEDIGREE 

Camanna MD Dandelion PEDIGREE 


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