Kitsune de las Flores 

Kitsune's sire:
Holland Kiitos van le Dobry

Kitsune is a very good family dog, she adores my kids and can be 100% trusted with them...and our livestock. She has amazing herding instincts and abilities.

Amazing nose and hunt drive. Kitsue also has incredibly high drive for bite work or any sport. She is high drive but controlled and focused, balanced and friendly once given the OK. She is good at anything and everything I ask of her.

DOB 10-24-14
FCI registered
AKC registered
UKC registered
50-55 lbs depending on conditioning
Health testing...
OFA Hips  DS-317F25F-VPI
OFA Elbows DS-EL242F25-VPI
OFA Dentition DS-DE3/23F-VPI
OFA Cardiac DS-CA8/23F/P-VPI
DM  DNA Clear Tested by DDC
PennHIP Right DI = 0.37, Left DI = 0.34.
UKC conformation champion 12/15
UKC Total Dog                          12/15
UKC Weight Pull UWP              1/16
AKC Lure Coursing CAT            7/16
IPO BH                                        9/16
Barn Hunt RATS                        5/19
AKC Herding HT                         9/18
NADD DS 3 legs                         8/20
Kitsune's dam:
Batice-Nicky of Flying Attacks
BH HD:A1 ED:0/0

       Bee-Bee Kaiannco


Baya joined us all the way from the Czech Republic!

She is super sweet. Already showing some interest in nose work and herding. We will be letting her try out lots of doggy sport fun as she grows up.

Baya's sire:
Lars-Legolas met Frasnay's flair
HD 0/0, ED 0/0, SA 0, LTV 0, OCD free, Kbr/Kbr, DM N/N.
Baya's dam:
Anne Bone Bonremo Vemsilumpa
HD A, ED A, SA neg, OCD neg, LTV neg, Kbr/Kbr, DM free
DOB 7-10-18
FCI registered
AKC registered
Health testing...
OFA Hips DS-503E24F-VPI
OFA Elbows DS-EL415F24-VPI
PennHIP Right DI = 0.30, Left DI = 0.39.
DM N/N by parentage
kbr/kbr by parentage
Barn Hunt RATN       4/19

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