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Our Feathered Friends.

We have a colorful egg basket, I picked all my girls keeping in mind the colors of eggs they would give us.

Blue, pink, chocolate, brown, olive, cream...lots of fun to gather Easter eggs every morning. We may also have chicks or adults available from time to time. We also offer Easter Eggers and Olive Eggers, of course barnyard mix chicks too. 

Farm fresh eggs available $4 per dozen. Our eggs are truly free range pastured eggs, as our girls are free to roam our 10 acres till their hearts are content. We supplement with organic non GMO no soy layer pellets.

We also can offer fertile hatching eggs...we have Easter Eggers, Olive Eggers and barn yard mixes. Email for pricing and availability.

5 week old Olive and Easter Eggers available now. Straight run OFF heat $12 ea 6-19-17

 Royal Palm turkeys.

We went with a heritage breed because while the commercial turkeys grow faster and bigger, they are not able to breed to sustain themselves and they are not meant to survive longer than butcher time. We wanted to have our own lasting source of turkeys so we will take the slower and slightly smaller heritage breed. We hope to have turkeys available for the Holidays in 2018.


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